WINTERREISE de Franz Schubert, par Bert Van De Wetering, baryton, et Joana Resende, piano

samedi 02 Fév. 2019 - 20h00

Atelier Marcel Hastir (étage 2)


Bert Van De Wetering, baryton, et Joana Resende, piano

 Franz Schubert – Winterreise

Bert van de Wetering studied at the conservatory in Zwolle with Lodewijk Meeuwsen. During his study, he also took lessons from Max van Egmond.
After his study at the conservatory, Bert continued his study with Frans Fiselier and Hanneke de Wit. At present he is taking singing lessons from Margreet Honig. In addition, Bert also participated in master classes by Michael Chance, Beryl Foster, David Wilson Johnson, Roberta Alexander, Rudolf Jansen, Jard van Nes, Elly Ameling and Robert Holl.
Being a solo vocalist, Bert sings a great deal of oratorio, as well as opera and recitals. Bert’s repertoire holds, among others, St Matthew Passion, St John Passion, the Magnificat, the Christmas Oratorio and many of Bach’s cantatas, The Messiah by Händel, the Requiem by Brahms, Fauré and Mozart, the Creation, Seasons and several Masses by Haydn, the 9th symphony of Beethoven, the Petite Messe Solenelle by Rossin, the Stabat Mater by Dvořák and the Elijah of Mendelssohn.
Bert also represented the part of ‘Aeneas’ in Purcell’s opera ‘Dido and Aeneas’ , as well as the part of Figaro in the opera ‘The marriage of Figaro’ and ‘Papageno in the Zauberflöte, both by Mozart. 
He sang with leading orchestras in the Netherlands like Het Gelders Orkest, Philharmonie Zuid-Nederland, het Nederlands Symfonieorkest, Concerto d’Amsterdam en Florilegium Musicum. As a singer of songrecitals he works with different pianists. On his repertoire are songs of Schubert, Brahms, Schumann, Fauré, Duparc, Ravel, Vaughan Williams and Finzi With his brother Geerten, being an organist, Bert has formed a permanent twosome. They regularly perform in concert halls and churches throughout the Netherlands. Bert teaches singing at the ArtEZ conservatory of Zwolle.


Joana Resende born in Porto (Portugal) and graduated from ESMAE (Superior School of Music and Performing Arts of Porto) in prof. Jaime Mota´s class, having been awarded the Eng. António de Almeida Foundation prize. That same year Joana studied at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Felix Mendelssohn Bartoldy in Leipzig with profs. Gerald Fauth (piano), Karl-Peter Kammerlander (Lied accompaniment) and Gudrun Franke (chamber music). She graduated from the Porto Music Conservatory with prof. Vitaly Dotsenko. During this period she worked with the pianist Helena Sá e Costa and was awarded a scholarship from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon). In 2009 Joana completed a Masters´s Degree in Performance from the University of Aveiro (Portugal), working with pianist Fausto Neves and presenting scientific papers in Portugal, United Kingdom, France and Brazil. 

Within the Lied domain, Joana took masterclasse with Hartmut Höll, Dietrich Fischer Dieskau, Graham Johnson, Dalton Baldwin, Malcolm Martineau, Jeff Cohen, Robin Bowman, Wolfgang Holzmair, Julius Drake, Robert Höll, Elly Ameling and Wolfram Rieger, including Oxford Lieder Festival, Internationaal Lied Zeist (Utrecht) and Conservatori Liceu (Barcelona). Joana has performed in Portugal, France, Germany, England, Luxemburg, Belgium and the Czech Republic integrated in several formations. She nourishes a special interest in the release of Portuguese music (several premières) and in Lied accompaniment (recording for portuguese broadcaster RDP/Antena2 Robert Schumann, Luís de Freitas Branco, Franz Schubert, Federico Mompou and Benjamin Britten´s cycles with the sopranos Catarina Sereno, Ana Maria Pinto and the tenor João Terleira). She recently released, along with soprano Ana Maria Pinto, the CD « Anterianas », which included songs by Luís Freitas Branco, Franz Schubert and poems by Antero de Quental.

… A natural piano, a solid piano, knowing how to find, with happiness, the perfect path where she belongs. José Luís Borges Coelho, Feb 2016

About Joana Resende we like the sound and sensitivity in Schubert. Being Lied pianist is no small task, the emphasis on color, adjusting the interpretation to follow the poem, attacking in a natural manner on the singer’s guessed consonant, all was perfect. Henrique Silveira, Jan 2013

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Franz Schubert – Winterreise, op. 89

  1. Gute Nacht („Fremd bin ich eingezogen“) D 911,1 d-Moll
  2. Die Wetterfahne („Der Wind spielt mit der Wetterfahne“) D 911,2 a-Moll
  3. Gefror’ne Thränen („Gefror’ne Tropfen fallen“) D 911,3 f-Moll
  4. Erstarrung („Ich such’ im Schnee vergebens“) D 911,4 c-Moll
  5. Der Lindenbaum („Am Brunnen vor dem Thore“) D 911,5 E-Dur
  6. „Wasserfluth“ (Manche Thrän’ aus meinen Augen)D 911,6 e-Moll
  7. Auf dem Flusse („Der du so lustig rauschtest“) D 911,7 e-Moll
  8. Rückblick („Es brennt mir unter beiden Sohlen“) D 911,8 g-Moll
  9. Irrlicht („In die tiefsten Felsengründe“) D 911,9 h-Moll
  10. Rast („Nun merk’ ich erst, wie müd’ ich bin“) D 911,10 c-Moll
  11. Frühlingstraum („Ich träumte von bunten Blumen“) D 911,11 A-Dur
  12. Einsamkeit („Wie eine trübe Wolke“) D 911,12 h-Moll
  13. Die Post („Von der Straße her ein Posthorn klingt“) D 911,13 Es-Dur
  14. Der greise Kopf („Der Reif hat einen weißen Schein“) D 911,14 c-Moll
  15. Die Krähe („Eine Krähe war mit mir“) D 911,15 c-Moll
  16. Letzte Hoffnung („Hie und da ist an den Bäumen“) D 911,16 Es-Dur
  17. Im Dorfe („Es bellen die Hunde, es rasseln die Ketten“) D 911,17 D-Dur
  18. Der stürmische Morgen („Wie hat der Sturm zerrissen“) D 911,18 d-Moll
  19. Täuschung („Ein Licht tanzt freundlich vor mir her“) D 911,19 A-Dur
  20. Der Wegweiser („Was vermeid’ ich denn die Wege“) D 911,20 g-Moll
  21. Das Wirtshaus („Auf einen Todtenacker“) D 911,21 F-Dur
  22. Muth („Fliegt der Schnee mir in’s Gesicht“) D 911,22 g-Moll
  23. Die Nebensonnen („Drei Sonnen sah ich am Himmel steh’n“) D 911,23 A-Dur
  24. Der Leiermann („Drüben hinterm Dorfe“) D 911,24 a-Moll


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