Hors programmation – Pianoduo Symbiosis

dimanche 08 Sep. 2024 - 15h00


Elisabeth Crommelynck (°1990) and Sander Meersmans (°1992) met at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp. There they studied piano with Levente Kende and Heidi Hendrickx. In 2015 they obtained their master’s degree in music, both with high distinction.

Their close friendship and shared passion for four-handed piano music brought them together to form ‘Pianoduo Symbiosis’. Since June 2016, they have devoted themselves wholeheartedly to the piano duo repertoire. They have already presented very diverse programs, such as a journey through Europe in ‘Europiano’ and an ode to Slavonic music in ‘Fiesta Slavonica’. French composers were featured in ‘Invitation au Voyage’. ‘Sonata of a Day’ took the audience through a musical day from dawn to dusk.

Elisabeth and Sander usually play classical pieces, which over the years they have increasingly alternated with (rather modern) vocals. In « Clair-Obscur, » they combine the two into a sensitive whole, in which the light and dark sides of life constantly intermingle. A constant in each program is that both musicians know how to captivate and touch people, often in a simple setting, but literally and figuratively very close to their audience. They perform mainly in Flanders and the Netherlands and were allowed to treat our Belgian royal couple to a concert in the Lakenhal during their visit to Herentals in February 2019.

Besides their activities on stage, the duo is also connected to the Antwerp Academies: Elisabeth teaches in Deurne and Sander in Borgerhout.

« Music is the universal language of mankind. »

— Henry W. Longfellow —



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