ANNULÉ en raison du CORONAVIRUS – Ksenia Ovodova – Russian piano music : Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff & Scriabin

samedi 04 Avr. 2020 - 20h00

Atelier Marcel Hastir (étage 2)



  1. Tchaikovsky – Dumka (Scène rustique Russe) Op. 59
  2. Prokofiev – March and Prelude from 10 Pieces Op. 12
  3. Rachmaninoff – Preludes Op. 23: Nr. 1 in F-sharp minor, 4 in D major & 7 in C minor
  4. Scriabin –  Nocturne for the left hand Op. 9                       
  5. Sonata Nr. 4 in F-sharp major Op. 30: I. Andante II. Prestissimo volando


  1. Tchaikovsky – June (Barcarolle) from « The Seasons »
  2. Rachmaninov – 9 Études-Tableaux Op. 39   

Ksenia Ovodova is a pianist and fortepianist

Ksenia Ovodova was born in 1990 in Krasnoyarsk in the family of famous Siberian pianists. She started her piano training at the age of 4 with her grandmother Ovodova L .E. At the age of 7 she entered the Music Lyceum of Krasnoyarsk in the class of her father Ovodov S.A. – At the age of 7 Ksenia performed with the Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra. In spite of her young age, Ksenia had a great success throughout whole Siberia (Krasnoyarsk region, Chitа and Irkutsk regions, republics of Buryatia, Tyva and Khakassia). – During 2003 and 2004, Ksenia Ovodova was an active participant of the International Music Festival « Seasons » (Moscow and Saint Petersburg). She made a recording of the Anniversary CD devoted to the 70th Anniversary of Krasnoyarsk region.

Ksenia possesses an outstanding piano technique as well as musicality, unique stage personality and endless devotion to her profession. She is a laureate of many music competitions – Open regional competition « Hope-98 » in Krasnoyarsk (1998); The Fourth Open Competition for Young Siberian Pianists in Novosibirsk (1999); The Third International Competition for Young Pianists in Morioka, Japan (2000); International Festival Competition « Hope 2001 » and « Hope 2004 » in Krasnoyarsk (2001, 2004); The Tenth International Skryabin Piano Competition in Paris (2010). – Ksenia was nominated for a scholarship by the « Young talents » foundation patronized by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. She is also a laureate of the Krasnoyarsk’s Head Prize. Her musical achievements were widely covered in the press and on TV.

In 2005 Ksenia continued her studies at the Academic Music College attached to the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the class of Vera Khoroshina. – In 2009 she graduated from the Academic Music College with distinction and began her study at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory (Faculty of Historical and Contemporary Performing Arts). – In 2012 and 2013 she was a jury member of The Festival-Competition “Young Virtuoso” (Moscow, Russia). – In 2012 Ksenia Ovodova entered the University Mozarteum (Salzburg, Austria) in the classes of Prof. Florian Birsak (harpsichord) and Prof. Wolfgang Brunner (fortepiano). At the same time she combined her studies in Austria with her studies in Russia. She studied at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory under the tutelage of Sergey Kasprov (piano), Olga Filippova and Maria Uspenskaya (harpsichord), Alexey Shevchenko and Alexey Lubimov (fortepiano). In 2014 she graduated with distinction and got the certificate “Best graduate of the Year”.

In 2013 she got a honorable mention as a fortepianist at the International Competition Musica Antiqua (Bruges, Belgium). – In 2015 Ksenia graduated from “La Schola Cantorum” (Paris, France), class of prof. Igor Lazko.2016 she continued her studies at The Royal Conservatoire of Brussels, class of prof. Daniel Blumenthal, and in 2017 at The Royal Conservatoire of Mons, prof. Yuka Izutsu. – Ksenia took part in international masterclasses given by Malcolm Bilson, Bart van Oort (fortepiano); Hugo Reyne (chamber music). Ksenia collaborated with such outstanding musicians as Reinhard Goebel, Dorothee Oberlinger, Henry Raudales, Gábor Tarkövy, Marc Geujon, Dirk Brossé and Enrique Mazzola.


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