Policy on the use of the premises

When you book a space at the Atelier, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions

The person who makes the reservation is responsible for the occupancy throughout the duration of the booking. The premises, and the works of art, must be left as they were at the start. If there is any damage to the walls or to objects, or if any furniture or object is missing, the person who made the booking will be held responsible. In particular, it is forbidden to attach anything at all to the walls (eg Sellotape or drawing-pins).

The Atelier declines responsibility for any potential incident causing harm or damage to the occupants during their occupation of the premises (eg loss of personal effects, etc).

The premises shall be occupied only during the time frame for which the booking has been made, and only for the purposes specified at the time of reservation.

When leaving the premises all lights should be extinguished, all windows closed and the keys returned to the appropriate person (as agreed in advance with the Atelier team).



For your safety during your period of occupancy, and that of the Atelier and the works of art housed there, you undertake:

  • Not to smoke
  • Not to light candles, or to use fire for any purpose whatever
  • No to place any light strings on the works of art, or on any cloth or other inflammable material
  • Not to exceed the 74 persons maximum limit on the 2nd floor
  • Always to keep the main door giving onto the street closed
  • To do nothing to endanger the premises or its contents through inappropriate behaviour or uses