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This is an institution which houses works of art, and where cultural gatherings and musical events are held. It was set up in 1935 by the painter Marcel Hastir within his studio which was located at 51 rue du Commerce, Brussels. This unusual house, which also serves as a memorial, has for decades been a setting where both young aspiring artists and major figures from the Belgian and international music scene have performed. We invite you to visit, whether it be to join in one of our numerous activities, to organise an event, or to encounter artists from the widest of spectrums – be they classical or jazz musicians, French chansonniers, performers of World music, or actors from the theatre. We wish you the best of discoveries or re-discoveries of the Atelier Marcel Hastir, a crossroads of the arts and the humanities situated in a setting which is both intimate and convivial.

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Atelier Marcel Hastir Rue du Commerce, 51 1000 Bruxelles

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