BxlSurScène 2019 – Duo Ksenia & Olga Kemova, piano – Danses à quatre mains (Brahms,Debussy,De Falla,Borodin,Rubinstein,Tchaikovsky,Gavrilin,Kapustin)

dimanche 17 Nov. 2019 - 17h00

Atelier Marcel Hastir (étage 2)

Le duo des soeurs-pianistes russes présente ses « Danses pour le piano à quatre mains » non seulement comme un événement sonore, mais aussi comme  un spectacle visuel  grâce aux liens de sœurs qui « unifie le souffle musical et crée une magie particulière ».

Leur programme “Danses pour le piano à quatre mains”  constitue un véritable voyage autour du monde pour ce qui concerne les différents genres (suite, sinfonietta, danses : valse, tarantella, danses espagnoles, hongroises et françaises)  et les compositeurs eux-mêmes (russes, espagnol, français, allemand).

Nouveau programme

  1. Brahms.  Les danses hongroises Livre 1
  2. Debussy. Petite suite
  3. de Falla. Deux danses de La Vida Breve


  1. Borodin. Tarantella
  2. Tchaikovsky. Adagio et Valse 
  3. Gavrilin. Valse, Tarantella
  4. Kapustin. Sinfonietta: Ouverture

M. Infante: Three Andalusian Dances – Duo Olga and Ksenia Kemova : « Ritmo », « Sentimento », « El Vito »


Duo Olga & Ksenia Kemova

The musical partnership of Olga and Ksenia Kemova started as a piano duo in 2012 in Moscow during the years of study in Moscow State Music Institute named after Alfred Schnittke and led to numerous victories in national and international competitions and participation in festivals. The duo is winner/prizewinner of the following international competitions:

2017 April –III prize Rising Stars Competitions in Berlin

2017 April – The International music competition “Musical fireworks in Baden-Wurttemberg” in Mulacker, Germany – I prize;

2017 March – II prize Grand Virtuoso Competition;

2017 January– The International Kabalevsky competition, Russia – II prize

2016 – won a scholarship for Tel-Hai masterclasses (as a duo) in Israel

2015 – Chopin Roma XXV International competition in Rome, Italy – Absolute I prize in the category “Piano Four hands” and II prize in the category “Two pianos duo”

2015 – National Russian Duo Competition (in memory of A. Bakhchiev) in Vologda, Russia – I prize

2012  – “Sforzando” VI international competition in Berlin, Germany – I prize

2012   – “Rondo” International competition in Stockholm, Sweden – I prize

With a vast repertoire of four hands and two piano music, the duo plays regular recitals in concert halls of Moscow (International House of music Chamber Hall, Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Conservatoire, P.Slobodkin Centre Hall, Goldenweiser Museum, Taneev Museum, Pushkin Museum, Losev Museum-Library, etc.) and takes part in classical music festivals (The Weber festival, The Spring in Russia festival, the Rubinstein festival, etc.).

While Ksenia Kemova holds degrees in piano and linguistics, Olga Kemova obtained her degrees in piano and organ. This brought about a new form of the sisters’ partnership – the duo of piano and organ – a rare ensemble because of its special features. The duo has  recently presented their programme, based on original works for piano and organ and transcriptions, in music festivals in Russia and Serbia.

Ksenia and Olga are also pursuing a solo career in piano and organ respectively. Ksenia is the winner and prize winner of many international competitions, including the Rakhmaninov Piano Music Competition in Saint-Petersburg, and continues her studies with Professor Aquiles Delle Vigne. Besides a piano degree, Olga holds a Master’s degree in organ and is the First Prize winner of the Odoevsky Organ Competition in Moscow.

Ksenia is doing her postgraduate research in the field of  four hands repertoire, studying primarily sonatas for piano duet in the historical perspective.

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