samedi 14 Oct. 2023 - 16h00 - 23h00

Atelier Marcel Hastir (étage 1)

Bruna Rocha is a Brazilian-born multifaceted artist.
Bruna is a world traveler that made her name as a model and dancer.
Nowadays, after retiring from the stages, she dedicates her life to inspiring others to become free of guilt and shame through her writing and paintings as a healing process.
At first, Bruna began to paint to heal herself from her pain. Pain is caused by different forms of challenges in life that we’re stopping her from living the life she deserves.
After posting a few of her paintings online, through the feedback, Bruna discovered that as she was healing, she was also healing others.
In her work, we can see the use of different techniques, mediums, and emotions.
That is because Bruna’s painting process involves using her emotions and feelings at that moment; without much polishing, she puts her soul into her art. 
Bruna Rocha
For this show, Bruna brings together the twelve years of self-discovery; she got to experience while traveling the world, learning about herself and others.
The amount of healing, and inspiration received by her, and transmitted by her, can be seen in her very colorful and expressive work of art.
Bruna likes to use techniques she has learned through the years, especially in Brazil, Hong Kong, and, most recently, Italy, where she took art classes.
Her paintings are primarily in acrylic due to her love for how colorful and expressive they can be, while she uses oil on canvas when painting a more dramatic line of expression.
At this expo, Bruna gifted us paintings in oil and acrylic combined with collages of pictures of her adventures worldwide.
Adventures motivate and inspire each individual into the contemplation and practice of self-liberation, love, and reliance.
A home is a place within, instead of a physical location, that can be taken away by external factors.
As a family, we are whoever we choose to be as long we understand and accept that we are all mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters simultaneously.