Hors programmation: Jutta Glaser et Claus Boesser-Ferrari :concert jazz

dimanche 23 Avr. 2023 - 18h30



Jutta Glaser (voc.) and Claus Boesser-Ferrari (git., electronics) have approached the poems of the Lebanese multi-artist ETEL ADNAN in a special way by setting them to music in their own way. The results are not simply songs in the usual structures, but rather soundtracks and soundscapes, which in turn are strongly inspired by Adnan’s paintings and films. Nevertheless, they also have song-like aspects. Adnan’s language is pictorial and in itself has sound painting and rhythm. Glaser and Boesser-Ferrari have taken this up and applied their own signature. The result is a self-contained work-a melange of melodic, flat motifs, but also bizzare rhythmic patterns-the aspect of improvisation is always latently present. Glaser’s singing bows delicately and also gruffly to Adnan’s texts, but also makes virtuoso use of improvisation and alienation. Boesser-Ferrari also moves between lyrical soundscapes, percussion and noise outbursts. The result is a multicolored dramaturgical production, the goal of which is always to bow to the recently deceased artist