Duo Dimitri Semsis, violon & Dimitra Mantzouratou, piano

dimanche 25 Fév. 2018 - 17h00

Atelier Marcel Hastir (étage 1)


Dimitra Mantzouratou, piano                  &      Dimitri Semsis, violon


Dimitri Semsis , violon

Dimitri Semsis was born in Munich in 1959. Since the beginning of the 19th century, there has been a tradition in his family to mark out talented violinists in every generation. He continued with advanced violin studies in the classes of Tibor Varga and Otto Buechner in Detmold and Munich Music Academies as well as in the Belgrade University of Music near Alexander Pavlovic. 

He is holding a performer’s diploma from “Athineon” conservatory of Athens and he is Associate of the Royal College of Music of London (ARCM). He has performed in many concert halls all over Greece as well as abroad (France, Swiss, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Serbia, Great Britain, Germany, Bulgaria, Austria, USA and Rumania) both as a soloist and as a principal musicianparticipating in different chamber ensembles. He is a founder member of the “OPUS I” piano trio with which he concretizes often all over Greece. 

As a concertmaster he has led the “Camerata Hellenica Orchestra” for over ten years. Furthermore for six years he has been the principal leader of the “Camerata, Friends of Music Orchestra”, the permanent in-house chamber orchestra of the Athens Megaron, concertmaster for four years of the National Symphony Orchestra of the Greek Radio and Television and sinceOctober 2003 he is the concertmaster of the Athens State Orchestra, the country’s oldest and most prominent symphonic institution.

Dimitri Semsis plays a violin by Lorenzo Storioni – Cremona 1794

Dimitra Mantzouratou was born in Athens, Greece.

She started her studies at the Hellenic Conservatory in Athens and obtained her piano diploma with the highest distinction. During that time she followed theoretical studies and obtained the harmony, counterpoint and finally the fugue degree with distinction.

For three years she studied piano at the Royal Flemish Conservatory of Brussels (class of Daniel Blumenthal) with a scholarship of the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece (I.K.Y.) and received the Master’s degree. She holds a degree and a PhD in Musicology from the National University of Athens.    

She has followed many masterclasses (with P. Badura – Skoda, B. Ringeissen, M. Tirimo etc.) and participated twice in the Mozarteum summer courses in Salzburg (class of S. Dorensky and J. Lateiner).  –  She teaches piano at the Ilion Music School of Athens. – She has premiered many solo and chamber music works by Greek composers.